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From the beginning of Jesus Christís Ministry many people did Understand The Truth and The Life. However, some never Entered The True Church, whereas others Abandoned It due could Endure Holiness no longer; both of them shall inherit the Second Death.

Study: 33

Cowards Shall Not Inherit Everlasting Life

   We all who are Enduring within the Little Flock to the END (Approved), do know that Jesus Christ has not Given Us a spirit of Fear, but of Power, and Love, and of Sound Mind (1). Therefore, with Joy Inexpressible We are not Ashamed of Announcing Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christís Testimony of Blessing unto Eternal Salvation; and do not Fear instead We Gladly Speak about Our Brothers-Sisters in the Faith who have Preceded Us in this Holy Work, because of Sharing with Them Genuine Gospelís Sufferings according to the Will of the Almighty Blessed and True God Who Saved Us through His Grace (2).

   During the Acquired Peopleís Full Perfectness Process the Holy Spirit Unmasks all those who entered the Church stealthy, which are not Sheep of the Living God; but at Jesus Christís Predetermined due time they show themselves as actually are: sons and daughters of the Wicked One ďInfiltratedĒ into the Blessed Onesí Assembly (3). These Adversariesí most important feature is Cowardliness, and thatís Why they Turn Back from the Holy Calling because of Preferring openly enjoy present Evil ageís passing pleasures of sin rather than keep themselves longer Pretending to be Jesus Christís, and so have to Endure and Overcome Tribulations for Reaching at the END the Blessed Age to Come, both Happy and Eternal (4).  


What do We Learn from Apostle Simon Peterís Errors?

   Our Beloved Brother in the Faith, as well as Andrew his blood brother, was one among the earlier Apostles Chosen by Jesus Christ to Follow Him (5).

   Jesus Christ Selected Simon Peter as an Useful Special Example for Teaching Us both How We Have to and How We Have not to Behave Ourselves as Disciples of Our Eternal Savior.

   Although Simon Peterís deeds were often after Jesus Christís Will, yet our Analysis will be centralized on some Cowardliness demonstrations of Our Beloved Brother in Jesus Christ, According to the Holy Scriptures.

         Simon Peter did sink himself into the see (6)

         Jesus Christ Rebuked at what Simon Peter said (7)

         Simon Peter Denied Jesus Christ thrice (8)

         Simon Peter was Rebuked through Paul (9)

   Nevertheless, Our Beloved Brother Simon Peter Sincerely Repented himself from his Cowardice; then all these things happened that We May Improve our Perception about both: We are Nothing without the Lord, and that no one is Strong from himself rather through Jesus Christís Almighty Grace. Thatís why Praying and Watching are, everyday more and more, a Fundamental Task of the Flock seeking Our Shepherd Jesus Christís Care, while We are on His Strait Way until our Eternal Salvation (10).


Cowards Without Repentance

    When the Anointed Cherub Who Covered Betrayed the Eternal God became His Adversary or Devil, or Satan, etc; thus in a spiritual sense was the First one who Cowardly Suicided, afterward he was followed by all those who Wanted Not to Receive the Love of The Truth that they might be Saved, among them Adam and Eve, Cain and Esau, are conspicuous in OT (11).

   Since it was Put Into Effect The New Testament, Judas Iscariot being one of the twelve Jesus Christís Apostles, Betrayed and Delivered Our Blessed Eternal Savior because he was Overcame by his Covetousness, thus he Obtained his Wickednessí Wages: Cowardly Suicided by hanging himself afterward he had fulfilled his Betrayal (12).

   From the beginning of Jesus Christís Ministry many Understood The Truth and The Life, but because of their Cowardice some did not Want to Enter The Way, and others went out from the Genuine Church to follow their own Lusts (13), joining themselves to the sinful majority which is ruling by the Dead one (Satan), they all shall inherit the Second Death (14).


Our Local Assembly

   It was Founded by The Holy Spirit about the middle of February 1991; since that time some of the Converted and Baptized in The Name of Jesus Christ were gradually Turning Away Backwardly; because of loving this sinful world and Rejecting Our Eternal Saviorís Great Mercy. All those who went out from Us (15) were previously transforming themselves into Abomination by putting in practice sins (FORNICATION, DETRACTION, COWARDICE, IDOLATRY, CONTUMACIOUS REBELLIOUSNESS) which made them Lukewarm, before that Jesus Christ should Vomit them out of His Mouth (16).

   All these apparently Negative Experiences for the holy People, made Us Stronger because of Receiving more Blessings from Jesus Christ, and Perceive everyday more that He Will Not Forsake Nor Leave Us (17) and He Makes that all things Work together for Good to Us (18).


What is Reserved for Cowards-Traitors of Our Lord Jesus Christ?

   Whoever Betrays Jesus Christ is a Self-Murderer; due Cowardice Prevails in him Withstands no longer Living both through and for Jesus Christ. Therefore, a Certain Fearful Expectation of Judgment and Eternal Punishment is Reserved for him, worse than Punishment over those who have not Enjoyed the Eternal and Happy Coming Ageís Goodness Advances (19), as Cowards Did It while kept themselves in the Way of Life.


Finality of a Needful Meditation about this Matter

    Let Us Increase, Beloved Brothers-Sisters in Jesus Christ, our Attachment with Our Eternal Savior by Doing with more Conviction and Love His Holy Will, which Leads Us toward a Greater Sanctification, without which no one will Eternally See the Lord Jesus Christ (20).

   Let Us, Brethren, Encourage Ourselves in order to Increase Affectionately Love with one another in the Holy Assembly according to Jesus Christ Commandment (21).

   Let Us Patiently Wait for Rescue of our Approved spirits, whether we Sleep or Remain here until Jesus Christís Return, Who Will Transform Us into Spiritual Bodies and Make Us Enjoy Everlasting Life both in a New Heaven and New Earth, in Which The True Justice Dwells (22).  Amen and Amen.


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Bibliography: Biblie King James Version


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