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Pure and Undefiled Religion (1)


   It is the Virtue through which the Living God’s Sons (2) Worship Him properly (3); in Spirit and Truth (4); it is based on Our Obedience (5) both for Love to Him, of Brethren and oneself (6).

   Worshiping is Pure (7) because is Washed, Cleansed, Hallowed and Consecrated by the Spirit of Our Great God, Father and Savior Jesus Christ (8), Who Governs and Leads as an Unique Shepherd (9) His Little Flock (10), and just as Our Shepherd is Holy, We also – His Sheep – must progressively reach Perfect Holiness (11).

   God is One and He is Spirit (12). He Himself Becomes Our Father when Begets us in His Wife; that is Jerusalem Heavenly or Above (13), which is formed by We all who are spirits Predestined (14) by Him before the foundation of the world for this Great Salvation, which is Obtained through Faith and Good Works (15) in Jesus Christ.


 What does to Visit orphans and widows in their trouble mean? (16)

   On one hand, We may Understand by the Holy Spirit Who Teaches Us (17) it concerns to all of them who are Helpless – Poor and Needy – (18) who have not Obtained Jesus Christ’s Protection yet; therefore, We all also were figuratively Helpless before Our Savior’s Grace should make us be Born again of water and Spirit through Baptism in His Name: Jesus Christ (19).

   To Visit them (20) means Announce them the Genuine Gospel (21) that they may open their spirits to the Living God and Enter the Narrow Gate (22), Who is Jesus Christ, to the Way, the Truth and the Life (23).

   On the other hand, in a literal sense of the words, We also must Relieve those who being members of the Flock are helpless (24).


 To Keep oneself Unspotted from the world(25):  It is closely related to our progressive Sanctification.


 Which is the Pure and Undefiled Religion?

    Let’s begin at the following Words of Our Lord Jesus Christ: “Not everyone who says to Me: Lord, Lord, shall Enter the Kingdom of Heaven, but he who Does the Will of My Father in Heaven(26); so To Do God’s Will means To Know It first, therefore We have to be Instructed by Him – by His Holy Spirit – for Knowing His Will, because His Holy Spirit Leads Us into all Truth.

   The Truth Teaches Us that Jesus Christ is the True God and Everlasting Life, He is not God’s Son but God Himself (Spirit) Manifested into the Flesh, Who is called Son (27). It is possible Search out this Subject from Our Study: “Jesus Christ is God, Who did Manifest Himself into the Flesh as a man”.

   The Truth Teaches Us that We may not be Converted (28) to Jesus Christ unless We were Predestined by Him to do it; and We are truly Baptized by Him if His Name – Jesus Christ – is Invoked, so We do Receive Forgiveness of Sins and the Gift of the Holy Spirit (29); Invocation according to Matthew 28:19 is useless, because the Holy Spirit, since He did Form the Genuine Church, never Use it.

   Let you Search Our Studies: “The Conversion” and “The Baptism in Our Glorious Lord Jesus Christ”. Thus, it is possible Enter the True Church (30), to Learn all Truth – progressively – from Jesus Christ’s Spirit.

   The Truth Teaches Us that the Lord was sacrificed on a tree (stake) not on a cross (mark of the Beast) (31)(32).

   The Truth Teaches Us both that We must only Worship Jesus Christ, the Living God (33), and also Jesus Christ is the Everlasting Name of the Unique and True Living God (34).

   The Truth Teaches Us that at Jesus Christ’s Coming there shall be finished His “Millennial Kingdom”, which is Effective right now, while it is Called “Today” (35).

   The Truth Teaches Us that Jesus Christ is the Only One Shepherd, even our Master and Father, but all of Us are Brethren (36).

   The Truth Teaches Us that tithe Payment (with products from earth) was Abolished by Jesus Christ’s Sacrifice, just as all the Law given to Moses (37). In addition, We do Perceive that those christians who receive “their tithe” cash are adding a greater sin. The Spirit Teaches Us what is the Tithe, which Abraham already Paid to God for all of Us which are of Faith.

   The Truth Allows Us Search about the Gospel We Preach (38), also Teaches Us that Paul the Apostle did not circumcise Timothy (39).

   The Truth Gives Us Understanding that from our parents We did inherit an Impure christianism, which only leads those who observe it to be on the left – like goats – of Jesus Christ at His Coming (40).

   The Truth Teaches Us that every human being is made of spirit, soul and body, and our spirit makes us different from any animal and not soul, because the spirit is the human being’s element which – according to Predestination - is able either to Receive or Reject the Holy Spirit. In addition, the Holy Spirit Reveals Us how Jesus Christ’s Being was formed when He was in flesh (41).

   The Truth Enlightens Us that both Jesus Christ and Our Brethren cited in the Scriptures never celebrated their birthday, against some Devil’s sons like Pharaoh and Herod did (42).

   We Understand the True and Everlasting Peace (43) and the True and Everlasting Justice (44).

   The Truth is Available for Our Brethren who are Israelite, they also Predestined – in these times of the End- to Everlasting Life (45).

   The Truth Teaches Us that none of the available Bible’s versions is as exact as the Original Inspired Scriptures. Moreover, the Holy Spirit Allows Us separate Precious Things from what was introduced by untaught and unstable men; which We may do it because the Word of God Abides in Us (46) who Overcome the world because We were Born Again through Faith in the Unique Name Given among men to be Saved: Jesus Christ (47).

   And We are Confident of this very thing: that He Who has Begun a Good Work in Us will Complete It until the Day of Jesus Christ (48). Amen.


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