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Study: 26                       

The Lord Jesus Christ’s Second and Last Coming - Part Two



                        How did Apostasy originate and when the Mystery of Lawlessness began to be evident?


   Before the Lord would have brought through Joshua His natural people – Israel – into the Promised Land, He did Admonish and give Warning them that He alone they ought to Love – Serve (33) and should not Tempt Him as they had already done (34), that they should not Break the Covenant which the Living God Had Made with them (35) by worshiping-serving foreign gods (36), idols of gold, silver, wood, stone, etc; made by the earthly man, all of them Dead works which CAN NOT SAVE, likewise also are Dead all those who made and/or worship them (37). Among all these idolaters those who are False teachers-prophets do commit a Greater sin by teaching a Lie through those Abominable things; by dishonest gain they do trade men’s spirits, whom they teach useless deceitful words, showing themselves as Godly while receive honor from one another and do not Seek Honor that comes from the Only God - Jesus Christ; thus they shut up the Kingdom of Heaven against men for neither go in themselves, nor do they Allow those who are Entering to go in. These do just as the scribes and pharisees Hypocrites did, that through their teaching made their proselytes twice as much sons of Hell as themselves (38).

   In spite of the Lord’s Warning when Israel was established in the Promised Land did Prostitute themselves by worshiping-serving the pre-existent nations’ idols, Regardless the Lord’s Commandment (39) and Punishment – Death – in Transgressing It (40); moreover, they took their own children for burnt offerings to the idols (41), not only to Baal and Molech but also to images of gold-silver which they made for themselves (42). However, the former Abominable things were not enough, in addition to all their Wickedness they built high places and altars all over the land which the Lord Had given them (43); in these activities were mainly involved their kings, those of Israel more than Judah’s, among them was conspicuous Jeroboam who made two calves of gold – the one he set up in Bethel and the other in Dan – through which he would prevent the people from the north should go up to offer sacrifices in the house of the Lord at Jerusalem, because he feared that the people’s heart would turn back to Rehoboam – king of Judah - and will kill him (44). They were also filled with eastern ways: wizards, sorcerers, diviners, mediums through whom they sought the advice of the dead, etc; all these ways both were Forbidden and Expressly Punished by the Lord (45). Thus many times they Despised the Oath (46) and Broke the Covenant (47).

   Satan used all these Abominable idolatries – and will use them till the End – which were taught by his servants – the False prophets – to the False priests who ruled through the Lie that the Lord’s people – which loved to have it so (48) by Departing from the Living God to follow idols should Perish (49).

   The Lord did identify the False prophets because their words had no Accomplishment due they spoke presumptuously in the Lord’s Name as well as in foreign gods’ names, therefore they ought not to be Feared for the Living God had not Spoken to them (50). They should rather be put to death because advised Rebellion Against the Lord (51).

   Because of idolatry Israel became more Corrupt than Sodom and Gomorrah before the Most High’s Eyes (52); because not only Forsook Him, the Fountain of Living Waters, also “hewed themselves broken cisterns that can hold no water” (53). Their Hypocrisy was exceedingly increased, even to the point that in the Lord’s Temple they both erected the image of Asherah beside the altar gate and portrayed all their idols all around on the walls, to which the elders (dignataries) of the house of Israel offered incense; furthermore, other men worshiped the sun and women wept for Tammuz (54).


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