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Study: 27                     

The Lord Jesus Christ’s Second and Last Coming - Part Three



                        How did Apostasy originate and when the Mystery of Lawlessness began to be evident?


Satan both Polluted the Sanctuary and did Violence to the Law through all those False prophets – Insolent, Treacherous, Shameless people – and the idolater pagan priests who they themselves Departed from the Lord, Whom they never Sought nor Inquired of Him, because they all had no Delight in the Word of the Lord but It was a Reproach to them; nevertheless, they were Wise in their own opinion, saying: “The Law of the Lord Is with us”, but the Law of the Lord was turned into Lie by the False pen of the scribes. For from the False prophets of Jerusalem Profaneness – Apostasy – has gone out into all the land (55). They all were Rebels who did never Admit Correction nor were they Ashamed when Committed Abomination (56), that by Dishonest gain did build up Zion with bloodshed and Jerusalem with Iniquity because they did Abhor Justice and Pervert all Equity (57). To these HIPOCRYTES-ADULTERERS, Serpents, brood of Vipers (58) will the Lord Firstly DEMAND all the Righteous blood shed on the earth, from the blood of  Righteous Abel to the blood of Zechariah, son of Berechiah, as well as both the PRECIOUS BLOOD of Jesus Christ and the blood of all the rest of His Sons – Prophets, Wise men, Scribes – whom the Lord Sent and will also Send to Announce Everlasting Life by His NAME (59). Because of this BAD generation Jesus Christ Laments over Jerusalem: “O Jerusalem, Jerusalem, the one who kills the Prophets and stones those who are Sent to her!... For I Say to you, you will SEE ME NO MORE till you Say, BLESSED IS HE WHO COMES IN THE NAME OF THE LORD”.

   They all always Rejected Blessing, therefore the Lord Departing from them Left their “house Desolate”, because they spiritually received him who comes in his own blasphemous name who will soon manifest himself to the humanity showing himself that he is God (60).

   Because of the earthly Jerusalem’s exceeding Hypocrisy-Apostasy, the Lord Calls her Shameless Harlot, ADULTEROUS Wife, who takes strangers instead of her HUSBAND (61) and “she” also taught the WICKED women her ways (62).

   From the former it is possible Understand that the Most High Makes in an spiritual sense – earthly Jerusalem like Babylon the Great, the mother of Harlots and of the Abominations of the earth (63); for Israel being at that time the ONLY people upon the earth Belonging to the LIVING GOD I AM -  and Beneficiary of His Great Mercies (64) they did Prostitute themselves according to the Abominable idolatries of the nations. Because of Israel’s Hypocrisy-Apostasy (65) the spiritual Babylon, Babel or Shinar was originated (66) whose “protector” god is BEL – Satan – and from which derives the word BAAL or “Lord” (67). Babel means CONFUSION (68) and CONFUSION is the DECEIVER’S GROUND-WORK (69).


The Great Apostasy

      Satan using Deceit did generate through his ministers – or “MOTHER OF THE HARLOTS”- a multitude of divisions or “DAUGHTERS OF THE HARLOT”, which must be Understood as the so called “Christian religions”; among them “Catholicism” is the oldest and biggest one, which was started by those who Forsook PURE AND UNDEFILED RELIGION (70) from the beginning, that is the True Church, or Only Narrow Way, or Holy People whom Jesus Christ both Redeemed with His Own EXPIATORY BLOOD (71) and Adopted as SONS by His Holy Spirit, that is ONLY POSSIBLE through the Baptism in His NAME (72).

   This Great APOSTASY process was Foretold by the Lord Jesus Christ (73), being already evident at the beginning of the True Church, Founded by the Lord in Pentecost (74) whose first Members were all Israelites, though shortly after the Lord Added Brethren from the Gentiles as well (75).

   The Eternal Jesus Christ’s Spirit, through His Genuine Sons DENOUNCES and CONDEMNES to all these HERETICS, “RAVENOUS wolves”, IDLE Talkers, INSUBORDINATE DECEIVERS, specially those of circumcision (76) whose PURPOSE from the very beginning is TO PERVERT the Eternal Gospel of Salvation. At that time, they did compel the Brethren from the Gentiles to be circumcised that these should live as Jews, thus our Brethren Fell from Grace, or from the LIBERTY by which Jesus Christ Had Made them FREE; being Entangled again with a Joke of BONDAGE they Ought to keep the whole Law to be Justified. Those HYPOCRITE-workers did Contaminate even Peter, who was Rebuked by the Lord Jesus Christ – through Paul – BEFORE THEM ALL (77). But We Know that NO ONE is Justified by the works of the Law, but by THE FAITH OF JESUS CHRIST; because by the works of the Law NOBODY SHALL BE JUSTIFIED (78).


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