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Study: 30

The Lord Jesus Christ’s Second and Last Coming – Part Six


- From part 5, continuation – “…catholic doctrine’s principal Lies”


III  Mass – “Continuous sacrifice”

    Mass is an UNRIGHTEOUS analogy of that which the Law Given to Moses Commanded, which because of sins Prescribed to shed blood of animals continually (135). However, catholics do not sacrifice animals instead they UNWORTHILY INVOKE in their masses Jesus Christ’s Sacrifice without DISCERNING the Lord’s Body, so eat and drink JUDGMENT to themselves (136). In addition, all those who performed that service must practice the Lord’s Sacrifice without ceasing because they ALWAYS HAVE CONCIOUSNESS OF SINS, they DO NOT RECEIVE FORGIVENESS or REMISSION OF THEIR SINS; otherwise, would they be obliged to remind Jesus Christ’s Blood-shedding continually?, for the worshipers ONCE PURIFIED should leave that service, because where THERE IS REMISSION OF SINS IS NO LONGER AN OFFERING FOR THEM (137); just as the HOLY SPIRIT – JESUS CHRIST – WITNESSES to Us (138). In that continual service therefore catholics TREND TO MATCH the BLOOD of the Only Living God – Manifested into the flesh as SAVIOR – with the animal’s blood which were sacrificed according to the Law, whose blood can NEVER TAKE AWAY SINS (139). Thus, they have a form of Godliness but DENY ITS POWER (140). Therefore according to their doctrinarian speech “they are within” the NEW COVENANT; nevertheless, because of daily mass service it is Evident that THE TIME OF REFORMATION did not yet arrive to them, which means that THE WAY INTO THE HOLIEST OF ALL WAS NOT YET MADE MANIFEST to them (141), due the “first tabernacle” is still standing to themselves – earthly and material temple, with Weak and sinner priests – which becomes WORSE because every year on a wrong and pagan date – “Christmas day”, they “cause The Lord Jesus Christ TO BE BORN” to themselves “having the Propitiatory Victim” that way, “Sacrificing Him (“Good Friday”) and Rising Him again” (“Resurrection Passover”) in an apparently ENDLESS cycle. That first Tabernacle according to the Law was a FIGURE (142) of the TRUE TABERNACLE – Spiritual, Heavenly, Perfect – according to the NEW COVENANT OR TESTAMENT which Is Still In FORCE TODAY (right now), because Jesus Christ Is Present as HIGH PRIEST OF THE GOOD THINGS TO COME (143). For if He were on earth, He would not be a priest, since there are already catholic priests who “sacrifice Him” continually; but He by Shedding His Precious and Irreplaceable BLOOD Entered the HOLIEST OF ALL – HEAVEN ITSELF – ONCE FOREVER (144) and OBTAINED ETERNAL REDEMPTION for those who are Sanctified IN HIS NAME and MADE Eternally Perfect by THE OFFERING OF HIMSELF ONCE FOR ALL (145).


IV “High Priest or Pope”

   The Law Given to Moses Considered the figure of high priest, and the first one was Aaron (146) for they were prevented by death from continuing. The Law Appointed, WITHOUT AN OATH, Weak men as high priests (147); however they did have Authority to mediate before God by offering both gifts and sacrifices continually for their own sins and People’s committed in Ignorance (148). And no man took this Honor to himself, but he who was Called by God, just as Aaron was (149). Nevertheless, that first Covenant was Fulfilled by Him Who Alone Was Able To Do It (150); The Same Who Had Given It, The Lawgiver or Testator (151), Who Is The Everlasting Father Manifested into the flesh – Jesus Christ (152), and by means of death DISANNULED IT (153) due its Weakness and Unprofitableness, for the Law MADE NOTHING PERFECT (154) because LOVE IS THE FULFILLMENT of the Law (155); wherefore THE NEW ETERNAL COVENANT Is only Based upon LOVE (156), and Jesus Christ Is the HEAVENLY HIGH PRIEST APPOINTED WITH AN OATH: “The Lord Has Sworn and WILL NOT RELENT, You Are a Priest FOREVER according to the Order of Melchizedek” (157). For that reason Jesus Christ Has an unchangeable Priesthood because He CONTINUES FOREVER, ALWAYS LIVING to Make Intercession for all who are Predestined to be Saved (158).

   Jesus Christ Is WITHOUT SIN, therefore He Has No NEED daily as those high priests Appointed by the Law (as well as the so called Pope) to Offer Up sacrifices, first for his own sins and then for the people’s (159), for this HE DID IT ONCE FOR ALL WHEN HE OFFERED UP HIMSELF (160). Jesus Christ Is the High Priest Fitting for Us, for He Is Holy, Harmless, Undefiled, Separate from sinners and HIGHER than the Heavens (161); and there is no other MEDIATOR (162) to Reconcile man to God, because His Blood ALONE TAKES AWAY SINS (163) while His Holy Spirit Renews the men’s spirits Predestined TO OBTAIN an Imperishable, Glorious and Unwithering Everlasting Life (164), which MAY BE ONLY ACHIEVED through the BAPTISM in his Name – Jesus Christ – UNIQUE that Grants FORGIVENESS OF SINS AND THE HOLY SPIRIT of the Promise (165) FOR ENDURING until the END (166).


Discernment through The Holy Spirit – Jesus Christ     

  • The Law or First Covenant CAME FROM THE ETERNAL GOD to Moses, and WITHOUT AN OATH Appointed Weak men as high priests, who were many because of death and had Need to offer continually sacrifices for their own sins and people’s.

  • The Word of the OATH, which came after the Law, ALSO PROCEEDED from the Eternal God and Appointed – Ordained – Jesus Christ Who Is The Eternal God Manifest as a man, as HIGH PRIEST FOREVER ACCORDING TO THE ORDER OF MELCHIZEDEK.


       He Entered the Holiest of All - HEAVEN ITSELF – and HE IS LIVING FOREVER Interceding for his Sons – Daughters Predestined to Obtain Salvation, which is only Possible to Reach through the BAPTISM IN HIS NAME – JESUS CHRIST. Salvation is in Process of Completion and IT WILL BE FINISHED AS SOON AS the last Son of the Most High has Entered the Holy City, and at that exact time Death Shall Be Utterly SWALLOWED UP in Victory.

  • The Lord Jesus Christ IS HIGH PRIEST of the GOOD THINGS TO COME, Heaven is His Throne, and on the earth His Holy Spirit ONLY DWELLS into Everyone of Us, Those Who have been Predestined by Him to be ADOPTED as His Sons-Daughters (167). Therefore, Why do we see on the earth a man nowadays – who is not even an Israelite – called by men “High Priest” or “Pope” offering Mass’ sacrifice without ceasing?

  • Jesus Christ Is The LAWGIVER or TESTATOR and the ONE WHO ACCOMPLISHED the Law which He Had Given to Moses, therefore It was DISANNULED by Him. So, it is IMPOSSIBLE that through the Law that man were Ordained as “HIGH PRIEST”, and much less THE WORD OF THE OATH did Ordain him. From the former IT IS EVIDENT that the so called “Pope” as well as the whole catholic doctrine, DO NOT PROCEED FROM THE TRUE LIVING GOD; moreover, they did ABANDON THE HOLY, PERFECT AND ETERNAL COVENANT, for they “went out” from the Pure and Undefiled Religion since the beginning, because they WERE NOT OF US (168), they STUMBLE being DISOBEDIENT to the WORD – likewise those Israelites Disapproved concerning the Faith – to which they also were Appointed REJECTING THE CHIEF CORNESTONE – Jesus Christ (169) or the ONLY ONE GOSPEL (170), and secretly bring in DESTRUCTIVE HERESIES (171). However, they say “WE SEE”, so have NO EXCUSE for their sin and will ETERNALLY DIE IN IT (172).

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