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Study: 31

The Lord Jesus Christís Second and Last Coming - Part Seven


Jesus Christís Definitive Coming For Gathering Together To Himself His Whole Hallowed People


   We shall only Arrive at that Moment after Jesus Christ or the Holy Spirit of Adoption (173) Has Finished His Divine, Constant Increasing Process of Sanctification in all His Sonís spirits, even to the Last One.

   The former Process begins when The Lord Jesus Christ Grants Us To Know The Truth, thus He Ė The Light, Shines in our Darkened spirits, which by nature are Dead, both To Convert and Make Us To BE BORN AGAIN of water and His Holy Spirit through The Baptism in His Precious and Unique Name TO BE SAVED, so We have PART in the Regeneration, or New-Birth, or FIRST RESURRECTION (174).

   From that Moment forth our spirits Joined to His Holy Spirit Gradually LEAVE the earthly manís image, or first man who is only born of woman, TO BE DRESSED by The Second Manís Image, or Heavenly Man, namely Jesus Christ Who Is The LIFE-GIVING Holy Spirit that Transforms from Glory to Glory each and every spirit of His Children until he is APPROVED, either he Falls Asleep in the Lord, Dwelling with Him in Paradise from that Moment onward because of Enduring to the END of his physical life (175) or until The Lordís Coming very Glorious Moment, or PERFECT DAY, when those among Us who have Remained on this earth Shall Be Transformed (176). Whether the first or the second Blessed Alternative there is JUST ONE FINAL RESULT that is physical, or body of Death, or earthly dwelling GIVING UP by each Sonís spirit who has Reached a Sufficient Holiness Level through Jesus Christís Spirit (177).

   That Absolute CONSUBSTANTIATION or PERFECT LOVE Means Attain to the FULLNESS OF THE KNOWLEDGE (178) which is the END of spiritual GROWING PROCESS that will be Manifested through all His Sonís TRANSFIGURATION at Jesus Christís Coming, due the ADOPTION or FINAL TRANSFORMATION into an IMMORTAL, INCORRUPTIBLE, LUMINOUS or Glorious Spiritual Body just as Jesus Christís. Its UTMOST LUMINOSITY or Glory Is Jesus Christís ETERNAL Marvellous LIGHT SHINING, as He did Manifest It through His OWN TRANSFIGURATION before three of His Disciples (Peter, James and John), His Face SHONE more than the sun as well as His garment became SHINING, EXCEEDINGLY WHITE, such as no launder on earth can whiten them; and a BRIGHT CLOUD Overshadowed Them (179). The LIGHT from Jesus Christ IS BRIGHTER than the sun at midday (180). He Is The LIGHT of Everlasting LIFE (181) and His Work, namely The Day of Salvation that Began in Pentecost SHINES EVER BRIGHTER until THE PERFECT DAY, which will become when PREACHING of Everlasting Gospel SENT from Heaven by The Holy Spirit as a WITNESS Has FINISHED, due Jesus Christ The Lord There Shall Be Enlightened even to the LAST ONE of His Children, Predestined before world Foundation unto His Great Salvation, by Sealing him with His NAME through Baptism (182); afterward Will Suddenly Come Back The Lord with all Our Brethren who FELL ASLEEP APPROVED and ďin the twinkling of an eyeĒ, as lightning comes from the east and flashes to the west, He Will Transform Us all His Children into GLORIOUS SPIRITUAL BODY or ETERNAL BODY OF LIGHT to Receive The Lord in the air and We Shall Be with Him ETERNALLY, because from that Moment forth the Everlasting Happy Age Has Begun unto THE MAN OF PEACE, Being FULFILLED The Word Written: ďDeath Is Swallowed Up In VictoryĒ (183). Amen.


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