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Study: 9                                                       

What is the Tithe ?



   Tithe is understood as the tenth part of a person’s income which that person assigns unto holy uses.

   At present, most congregations which call themselves Christians receive tithes from their members; and the leaders, usually, encourage them to make every effort to give an increasing amount, comparing on this wise material things, which can be obtained working the more, with God’s Blessing; as much as to say, they both consider and persuade their members as follows: “If you increase your payment shall also be increased the Blessing that you will receive”.

   Then, let’s ask ourselves: Is that the Will of the Lord Jesus Christ ?; Are all that persons living at the same time under the Law and under the Grace ?; Was tithe not ordained into the Law given to Moses, and its uses perfectly limited ?. Thus from the former we can understand that those congregations called “Christians” don’t Obey the Will of God; contrariwise their leaders are doing according to their own riotousness and not after Christ’s teachings; or, Perhaps are all these leaders levites and, therefore, the rest of the tribes must sustain them that “may serve” God continually?.


Jesus Christ Disannulled the Law:

   If you that read are our Genuine Brother, you must know that the End of the Law is Christ (Romans 10:4); for that reason after the Foundation of the Church (Pentecost) there is not even a Quote in the Bible about the Brethern’s Obligation in giving tithe, and it is on that way irrespective of the congregation we consider. Moreover, the Lord Jesus Christ says:… “freely ye have received, freely give” (Matthew 10:8), and “let him that is athirst come. And whosoever will, let him take the Water of Life Freely” (Revelation 22:17). Of course, the Lord Himself says that “the workman is worthy of his meat” (Matthew 10:10). We can prove how did act the Lord’s Aposthes, being Led by the Holy Spirit, about Liberal Giving and the Honest Administration either of the money or other material things; however, about this subject a specific survey is needed. Let’s remember, anyway, the words of Paul the Aposthe unto the Brethern of Thessalonica: “For yourselves know how ye ought to follow us; for we behaved not ourselves disorderly among you, Neither Did We Eat Any Man’s Bread For Nought, but wrought with labour and travail night and day, that we Might Not Be Chargeable To Any Of You: Not because we have not power…: That If Any Would Not Work, Neither Should He Eat” (2 Thessalonians 3:7-10).


Abraham Gave To Melchisedec The Tithe for Every Son and Daughter of The Promise:

    Is Tithe which Abraham gave to Melchisedec just like tithe ordained in the Law given to Moses?. When Abraham gave to Melchisedec the Tithe of all (Genesis 14:18-20); the Law didn’t exist, for God gave it to Moses four hundred and thirty years after. In addition, the Law cannot disannul the Covenant, that it should make the Promise of non effect, but Promise is still effective for we can enter into the Everlasting Life, our Inheritance, only through the Promise and not by the Law (see Galatians 3:17-18 and Galatians 3:22). Then, there are two ways: The way of the Promise and the way of the Law.

   Both Abraham and we all, who were predestinated by God to be Adopted His Children through His Holy Spirit, belong to the way of the Promise, and the Holy Spirit shall perform on us the Good Work until Jesus Christ’s day, that we may obtain Everlasting Life, which is the full accomplishment of the Promise that did God to Abraham (see Romans 8:11-17; Galatians 4:5-7; Philippians 1:6; Hebrews 12:23). Therefore, God’s Blessing to Abraham reaches all of us, who are of Faith just like Abraham is; those who when Jesus Christ meets us give Him our Whole spirit and soul and body to be preserved blameless until His already very close Coming (see 1 Thessalonias 5:23).

   Thus, we can say undoubtedly that when Melchisedec received the Tithe Of All, He did receive both His Son Abraham and we all, His Children (see Galatians 3:25-29 and Galatians 3:8) predestinated before the foundation of the world unto Everlasting Life (see Ephesians 1:4-5; Ephesians 1:11-22 and Ephesians 2:4-6); all of them that being Justified by Faith in Jesus Christ are Living before God (see Romans 8:1-4 and Romans 8:10-14).

   Therefore, that is the Tithe which was Consecrated for Abraham unto God Himself; and in Abraham Levi also paid Tithe, who wasn’t born yet, whose tribe according to the Law received tithes (see Hebrews 7:9-12).


If We Do Law’s Works, We Are Under Cursing:

   The second way is Law’s, which has no relationship with the Way of Faith; for the just shall Live by his Faith (see Habakkuk 2:4; Romans 1:17; Galatians 3:11; Hebrews 10:38); but the Law says: “Cursed is every one that continueth not in all things which are written in the Book of the Law to do them” (Deuteronomy 27:26; Galatians 3:10-13; Leviticus 18:5). But, is it not ordained of God in the Law that all the other Israel’s tribes were obliged to sustain Levi’s, for the priesthood came forth from it as well as Levites, who were consecrated for exclusive Service to God?. Yes, insomuch that did exist an obligation to accomplish this God’s Commandment, yet Israel’s people broke It many times (see Malachi 3:6-9); however if this Commandment is accomplished, it is also necessary to accomplish all the others. For if we are justified by the Law, from the Grace we have fell and Christ is dead in vain (see Galatians 2:16-21). But, whosoever could, can or shall be able to accomplish the whole Law?. For whosoever shall keep the whole Law, and yet offend in one point he is guilty of all (see James 2:10-11; Malachi 3:6-10). Then, are all those “Christians” leaders not stumbling in the Stumbling-stone and Rock of Offence for they willingly are rejecting God’s Justice trying to stablish their’s? (see 2 Peter 3:5; Romans 9:33 and Romans 10:3). Did they never read the Scriptures?; do they not know that the Law made nothing perfect, and that the Law and the prophets were until John the Baptist and that the End of the Law is Christ? (see Hebrews 7:19; Hebrews 10:1; Luke 16:16; Romans 10:4). Therefore nobody is Justified by the works of the Law, but by the Faith of Jesus Christ (Galatians 2:16 and Galatians 5:4); for being already present which is Perfect, the Law is disannulled for the weakness and unprofitableness thereof (Hebrews 7:18). But Christ to disannul the Law did pay the uttermost price, He put His Life unto Death on the Tree for redeeming us from the Cursing of the Law through His Precious Blood (see 1 Peter 1:18-20), because Christ both being God and the Lawgiver is the Only One that Could Accomplish It. A-men.


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