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Study: 32

We Know that the whole world Lies Under the Wicked One (1)


   We Know that We are the Sons of the Unique True God, Jesus Christ (2), for He Has Given Us an Understanding that We May Know Him, through His Grace (3), due His Holy Spirit Dwells in everyone of Us since We did Repent of our sins and Accept to be Baptized in the Only Name – Jesus Christ – Given among men to Obtain Salvation; thus We did Receive Forgiveness of sins and the Gift of His Holy Spirit (4). The Holy Spirit Himself Bears Witness with our spirits that we are the Living God’s Sons (5).

   We Know also  through His Holy Will that there is a Predetermined Time at which We are Able to Perceive every Word – Purpose – of the True God (6); thus We Perceive that this is the Right Moment for all His Sons to Reach a correct Understanding about the whole world peoples’ Condition which – without exception – are led by Satan’s Lies (7) and because of the END of the present Evil Age is approaching (8) some particular Signs – which were underlying – are clearly seen now (9); such as mainly Wickedness wide spreading – Lawlessness – among sinner humanity and also a giddy increment of the worldly human being’s science, these two Signs are complementary each other and cause a Muddy and Accelerate daily life, which increase confusion, disorder, unsafety spreading, unloving (10).

   The former situation is only Perceived when the Holy Spirit Grants Us to Understand that the present Evil Age has its foundations on the sand – Satan – rather than on the Immovable Rock – Jesus Christ – and that the Living God Granted the Unclean spirit hold sway – on purpose of Destroying this (his) earth and Killing his whole people – over everything concerning worldly man’s life who was only born of the flesh, whether we consider an “inoffensive” activity such as making and using belic toys or the utmost Work Against The Living God, which mainly proceed from the Deceitful “christian” religions based on “another gospel” (11).

   The Worst merchant, deserving of the greatest Condemn before the God of True and Eternal Righteousness (12) is he who Deceives – having a form of Godliness – leading his great many religious followers' spirits (13) to Eternal Perdition through a False Christian Doctrine; because such-like Deceivers say they Know the Unique and Savior God – Jesus Christ – yet they Deny Him through their Wrong Doctrine and Works (14).

   Within that Lying “christians” religions men’s spirits Find NO Salvation at all, May not Reach Eternal Life, because they preach them Lies instructed by the Unclean spirit, the Devil (15); they willingly Hide from their followers' sight many important things, as it is for instance, that this present Evil Age is about to Finish (16). But, it Has Been Disposed by the Living God that the whole world First formally agree to establish a Lying “peace and safety”, so afterward will come upon them Sudden Destruction by Fire from The Lord Jesus Christ at His Triumphal Returning, and they shall not escape; nevertheless, The Lord will Previously Rescue  the Rest of His Holy People, all those among Us who still remain here at that moment (17).


By Works, not by Words only

   Not everyone who says to Him Lord Jesus Christ shall Enter to Enjoy Eternal Life, but Only those among Us who Do also His Holy Will until the END (18).

   We as the Living God’s Sons Must Show through our Good Works that Really We are His Sons, for it is not Enough to Us our Faith in Jesus Christ to be Approved, if our Faith is not Working together with our Works Based on the Belief that Jesus Christ Is the Only True God (19).


What is the Main Work of a Genuine Christian?

    Let you not Deceive yourself going after traditions of this world’s religions which pay special force in giving food and cloth to poor people, etc.; but rather the Main Work starts when Jesus Christ’s Second Commandment is Accomplished: “you will Love your Neighbor as yourself” (20), yet, Can I Love my Brother in the Faith if first I do not Love myself?; I Can Not; then, how do I Love myself?; I Love myself Working the Good; that is Obeying the Living God’s Holy Will toward me; what is His Holy Will? (21); It is my Sanctification, for I Must reach to be Holy as He Is Holy (22). Perhaps, Will I not commit any sin today?; of course it is not so, because We who Endure do Err ourselves Unwillingly several times a day, mostly through our tongues and thoughts (23). However, if I do Sincerely Repent myself and Express It Praying Before Jesus Christ (24) I am Forgiven by my Holy Father (25) which Result in my Victory, for both I will be Conqueror in His Blessed Name at the end of this day and a little more Holy.

   If I do not Let that Jesus Christ Sanctifies me everyday, certainly I will See not His Face for Eternal Life (26).


Are “christians” Living in Holiness and Honor?

   No, they are not; because on the one hand neither their sins have been Forgiven to them nor have Received the Holy Spirit to be Saved, due they were baptized in a Wrong Way, according to Matthew 28:19. Only the Baptism in The Name of Jesus Christ Is Valid Before Our Great God and Savior (27).

   On the other hand, many among those who were Righteously Baptized (in The Name of Jesus Christ) afterward Recepted partially and without Sincerity The Holy Spirit’s Guidance therefore they were Entangled, Defiling themselves by taking False arguments from Wrong Doctrines and/or some aspects from worldly man’s life (28).


To my Beloved Brethren – Sisters in Jesus Christ’s Most Precious Faith

   To all those who among Us do Show through our Good Works that There Is Utterly Light in Us by Watching and Enduring ourselves in Praying (29), Let Us Test all things and Hold Fast what is Good (30), and while Darkness is covering the whole world (31) Let Us continue Forward and Upward (32) Demonstrating that We are Joined Together By Love in One Body (33); and So Be It until the Dawning of the Eternal and Blessed Day!, in which being Safe We Shall Enjoy the REWARD that The Lord Jesus Christ Will Give Us, to We all who Endure ourselves Faithfully until the End of the present Evil Age, when Shall Be Transformed (Changed) and Rescue by Him at His Coming Quickly (34). Amen and Amen


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