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The Word of God Abides in Us (1)


   We are the Living God’s Children (2) Whom He Predestined (3) before the foundation of the world to be Begotten of Jesus Christ in the True Church, His Wife (4) as We were manifested in the flesh throughout centuries. True Church which was not Built (5) by men but by the Holy Spirit, according to the Promise (6) which God did to Abraham.

   We through Faith (7) in Jesus Christ, Endure ourselves in Communion (8) till the End, when We shall all – both the Brothers who are asleep and those alive – be Changed and Caught up (9) at Jesus Christ’s Coming. Thus, We shall always be with the Lord in a New Earth (10) and New Heavens in which Righteousness Dwells.

   At the same time, this present earth which God has given to the Wicked One (11) shall be Burned up – likewise Sodom and Gomorrah -; and both Satan, his angels and all his followers, which did behave themselves like “goats” according as they were manifested in the flesh, will go away into Everlasting Punishment (12).


Why does the Word of God Abide in Us?

   Because the Word (13) is God Himself and Dwells in everyone of Us through Jesus Christ’s Spirit (14), every day (always) until the END of the age (15).


Is the Original God’s Word within the Bible?

   Holy men, our Brothers, Inspired (16) of the Holy Spirit wrote the Holy Books. But, are actually within the Bible those Holy Books as Pure as they were written?

   Whoever consults Bibliography about Surveys on Israelite-Christian Holy Scriptures will realize that the Original Inspired Books since many centuries ago “disappeared” because of many motives; so, there are only available nowadays translations which are by no means as exact as the Original Inspired Scriptures, it becomes evident according as We Search (17) the Bible through the Holy Spirit Who Abides in Us, because God´s Spirit Himselft guides Us into all Truth (18) which allows Us separate the Precious Things from those things which have been introduced by untaught (19) and unstable men, being Condemned themselves as well as their followers.


Do We Sin against God when We Detect through the Holy Spirit introduced Errors?

   We are fully Persuaded  We Transgress NOT AT ALL against God whenever an introduced Error by the Wicked One throughout the Translations of the Bible, in order to hide the Truth, is Corrected by Us. Such a Persuasion is Based upon the fact that We receive Growing from the Holy Spirit according as We Do It.

   From the Original Holy Books many translations to divers languages and modalities were made, in which were either changed, added (20) or omitted contents from the Original Texts.

   The Adulteration (21) degree of the written Word varies according to version that is considered. Thus “Catholic Apostolic Romans” (C.A.R.) Constitute the oldest and numerous Sect or Division which have since first centuries of our Age separated (22), from the True Church, founded by the Holy Spirit the Day of Pentecost, use a Bible whose Old Testament contains seven apocryphal books, as follows: Tobias, Judith, 1 and 2 Maccabees, Wisdom, Ecclesiasticus and Baruch. In addition, C.A.R. have misrepresented the Word mostly in several key-versicles of the New Testament’s Books with purpose of supporting “Trinity” –doctrine which they preach – “Virgin Mary” worshipping, etc (See: What christianity did we inherit from our parents?).

   Nevertheless, at the same time, C.A.R. call either “Protestants” or “Reformists” to those who have separated themselves since the Middle Ages from C.A.R., taking away from their doctrines the “Pope”, priesthood as a “strain”, both “Virgin Mary”, saints and “saints” worshipping. However, they have kept some C.A.R.’s Wrong doctrines, being conspicuous “TRINITY” of God and “Cross” Symbol, among others.

   All “Protestantism” branches and also some more recent doctrinarian currents derived from them (for example: “Mormons”) have a similar Bible with several introduced Errors in the Original Holy Books; whose purpose is keeping their “Trinitarian” belief.

   As for the so called “Witnesses of Jehovah”, they have a “particular” Bible because of both intrincate language structure and Aberrations in the Scriptures, for example: “holy spirit” (lower–case letter); “a god” (John 1:1) with reference to Jesus Christ; many versicles without content, etc.

   The “Witnesses of Jehovah” do visit, two by two, homes all over the world, “bringing the Word of Jehovah”; yet they themselves are ignorant about the meaning of Gospel, Church, New Birth, etc.

   Most popular versions of the Bible – regardless of language – have kept those doctrinarian Errors of the translations from which they were taken.


Where is the Original Word of God?

   The Spirit Himself bears Witness with our spirits that We are Children of God (23); for He Who has begun a good Work in Us will Complet It until the Day of Jesus Christ (24). Jesus Christ’s Spirit leads Us to all Truth; so whichever Bible version We read whether Spanish, Italian, English, etc, We can progressively separate what is Genuine from that misrepresented through the Holy Spirit Who  Abides in Us (25). Nevertheless, the former does not happen to all those “christians” which did not receive Jesus Christ’s Spirit because they were baptized according to Matthew 28:19; these “terrify” themselves whenever hear Our comments about we do both Detect and Correct introduced Errors in the Bible, and it happens them that way because of the Wicked One who avoids they receive Understanding, Love and Power (26) as it is Granted to Us, his Children, through Jesus Christ’s Spirit.

   Everyone who fears Correct as it were a written accent in the Bible’s texts, in spite of the Clear Revelation from the Spirit that something is wrong, demonstrates that has not been made Perfect in Love (27), therefore these people preach “a different gospel” (See: “Are you fully Persuaded that Preach the Genuine Gospel?”); and it shall happen to all of them likewise the foolish virgins which didn’t take oil with their lamps and they could not enter to the Marriage’s Lamb (28). At the same time, We (1)(2)(3) Who Watch waiting for his Loved Coming (29) are like the wise virgins which took oil with their lamps and were Admitted to the Marriage by the Husband (30).


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